• NATURAL PET VITALITY - amazing supplement for cats & dogs. A rich source of Fluvic Acid, minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes. help calm stress and aggression, improves health and wellbeing 

Canine physiotherapy -     Merishia canine massage

A massage can help your dog regardless of his age. Puppies adult, older dogs, rescues, all of them will get benefits from this non-invasive treatment. This is an alternative way to keep a dog healthy and in top condition. Few benefits are listed below, so a massage can:

  1. improve the physical functioning and quality of life of a dog
  2. reduce the chance of injury by improving range of motion and muscle flexibility 
  3. decrease anxiety and remove stress this will improves s dog behavior making training easier
  4. improve digestion and helps with removing all toxins from the body

See invisible!

Thank you modern technology - FLIRT thermal camera - you can see now what is going on in your dog's body. 

Dog Training

I offer individual training that works well for shy, nervous, reactive, or dog-dog aggressive dogs who cannot cope in a busy class environment.

This kind of training is also more beneficial for people, who cannot commit to weekly classes or for those that have to address one particular problem.

Is suitable for puppies and adult dogs.  I charge by session. The first session - assessment usually takes up to 2-3 hours,  and then each session takes up to an hour. 

I train SMART

  • S - see
  • M - mark
  • A - act
  • R - reward
  • T - train


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