• Spoken languages: English & Polish 

  • The first interaction with the canine world: age 12

  • Gained experience: knowledge of characteristics and classifications of all dogs, including height, weight, lifespan, and personality of each breed.

  • First practical training lessons with own dog Nuka, then Kama

  • Moving to a professional level: 2010 passing tests and becoming approved instructor Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour

  • Professional experience: learning different positive training methods and developing my own training style called SMART. Constant work with many breeds big and medium-sized, mostly GSD, lurchers and Heinz 57

  • Adding new skills: 2011 - starting a new career as  Merishia canine massage practitioner and including it to her services


  • Businesses: Happy Hounds rebranded to Think Canine and from 2019 existing under the new name: Zen Dogs complete holistic therapy solutions and dog training only in Hull area


  • More skills: 2019 opening her mind and taking Animal Communication courses

  • Future plans: become  certify BAT instructor and REIKI practitioner

I am a professional and qualified canine Merishia massage practitioner, dog trainer & animal communicator, with many years of practical experience.


CPD training

  • TTouch workshop with Janet Finlay

  • Canine Mobilisation and Positional Releases
  • Canine Rehabilitation and Strengthening
  • Photo-therapy (infra-red/red light) for Animals
  • Canine Reflexology 

Pending qualifications:

  • Canine Angel Level 1 Certification into Natural  Pet Health & Behaviour

Carrig and professional

I am passionate about dogs and I do believe that we learn all our lives. I am continuing my education and professional development by attending seminars, undertaking CPD training,  reading and observing dogs. But I will never forget that first-hand experience is crucial and that dogs are the best teachers.

Today I am sharing my life with two adopted dogs: Halle and Max the Second.

Unfortunately Max the First is no longer with us. 


Lurcher, mistermind and very cheeky dog, my soulmate

Max The First

Heinz 57, old gentelmen, left me heartbroken

Max The Second

Greyhound, ex-racing dog, making me feel alive again

Borys and Leyla

Beautifull GSD's and I during trainig session.  


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