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Q.      When is the best time to start training my puppy?

Any time is good, the sooner the better. Dogs learn all their lives. Puppies are like sponges, they will absorb all knowledge fast, older dogs can sometimes need more time. Remember: when you are not training your dog, your dog trains you! Active training takes around 10% all the time when we're interacting with the dog, rest 90% is a passive training, the time when dogs learn how to coexist with us.

Q.      How long it takes to change my dog behaviour?

Changing unwanted behaviour always will take some time and commitment and is individual for every single dog. More opportunities for your dog to practising unwanted behaviour means a longer time to get rid of it. Remember: prevention is always better than fix!

Q.      Do you give any guarantees?

No. Training involves cooperation between the owner and his dog, if the owner won't follow given advice or won't work with a dog I cannot guarantee any effect. Also, I cannot vouch for dog behaviour as a dog is a living creature with his own mind. I will do the best, I will share with you our knowledge.

What I guarantee is a professional service and our full commitment to help you!

Q.    You called yourself dog whisperer, are you, Cesar Millan follower?

No. My methods are gentle and natural. I do believe in science and education as well as in hands-on experience. To understand any specie you have to listen to what the have to say, you have to observe and learn.  My motto is 2B: balance and boundaries. With the right approach, we are able not only improve dogs behaviour but also help ourselves and make our relationship with the dog more healthy, happy and enjoyable.


    •  I charge by the session. If you are booking more than 3 sessions individual price is applied
    • All fees must be paid in cash at the time of appointment 

    • I cover Hull and its close surroundings and up to 15 miles there is no travel charge

    • Assessment must take place prior to the training, duration up to 2 - 3 h

    • Duration of any follow up session is up to 1 hour

    • I will text you the day before visit to confirm meeting if no reply I will not come
    • All my services are designed to fit precisely with your dog needs

    • I provide ongoing phone and email support

For holistic therapies, veterinary permission is needed (verbal or written)

In some cases, also veterinary visit may be required to eliminate underlying health reason



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