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I created Zen Dogs to keep our furry friends for longer in our lives, to help them with the suffering of old days, to bust their health, morale, and help with behaviour. To make their body and mind whole and your life with them more enjoyable.

Zen Dogs were born out of Happy Hounds and Think Canine, and they are a combination of 2 my biggest passions: natural therapies and dog training. With continuous training, I can heal the body and mind. I can choose the method right for your dog as I am experts in my field. After all, if you have a problem with the heart you are going to see a specialist, why your dog shouldn't.

I know how to assess, the way the dog is moving, find stress points, muscle cramps, and strains on joints and remove it. I can find the amount of pain he is in and then decide on the most appropriate therapy. I have not only skills but also specialist tools such as the camera and Photizo. A camera can help me locate the problematic area, and Photizo, miraculous red and infrared light not only can remove rheumatic pain but also can speed wound healing and make scars less visible and later on less painful.

I am studying canine behaviour and constantly learning new ways to prevent problems and help with problems. I will help you understand your dog, I will explain the reason for his behaviour and I will show you how to improve it. Knowing that you are what you eat I am a huge supporter of raw, natural dog food. Currently, I am undertaking the Canine Angel level 1 Natural Pet Health & Behaviour. This also involves natural dog whispering, as our energy is influencing everything all around us including our dogs.

But don't worry my training is done in a gentle way, with treats where this is appropriate and other tricks when treats aren’t so good. I will help you choose the right equipment for your dog and the right food, which can improve his behaviour. Imagine that, a calmer dog only by giving him the right food or drop in aggression or reactivity? If I add my massage when this is possible, you will get double benefits for it. You won’t have to do anything extensive as a big part of the job will be done for you by me and your dog!

I teach you to be SMART when comes to training, as this is the easiest way to get all the best behaviour of your dog. Minimum work, maximum results.

I am not just another dog trainer, along the rest of them. I am not another school or another behaviourist. I am qualified Merishia massage practitioner, skilled in dog behaviour. The person who can address many different problems and a person who can prevent them.


every body needs balance

I call it: all in one



Canine Physiotherapy

 A powerful tool to help improve your dog's health and wellbeing. This is a mixture of Merishia massage, body positioning, light therapy, and reflexology.

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Canine Diet

You are what you eat. Also your dog. Did you ever wonder how your dog's diet is influencing his behavior? How by switching food you can add extra years to your dog life and prevent often trips to vet?

Dog Training

Puppy? Rescue? Adult?

All sizes. All shapes.All ages.

There is no bad time for training, but remember to start early.

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"Everyone thinks they have the best dog.

And none one of them are wrong"



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